Throughout her life, Kelli has always had a passion for helping others during their time of need. Kelli graduated from the University of South Florida with her Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2018. After learning of the Ready4Work-Hillsborough program and its amazing benefits to previously incarcerated individuals, she realized she had a strong interest in the reentry process and wanted to become a part of the solution. Kelli became an intake specialist for Abe Brown Ministries in April of 2019, and has since helped many aspiring clients become a part of the Ready4Work-Hillsborough program to fulfill their dreams of success. As senior intake specialist, Kelli assists candidates through the application process, as well as advocates on their behalf for entry into the program.

Before working at Abe Brown Ministries, Kelli obtained three years of customer service and supervisory experience while working in retail. She enjoys working with animals in her spare time.

Team Information

 Senior Intake Specialist, Ready4Work-Hillsborough
 Phone: 813.247.3285, ext. 207