Message from the President:

As we ended Black History Month, and begin to honor Women’s History Month, I reflect upon the strength and courage of women.  As my mother’s only son and the brother of three sisters, I have witnessed, at times, the perils of being both African American and female. You don’t have to look far to see that African American women are some of the most educated, courageous, innovative, and industrious human beings on the planet. Just consider our colleges & universities, medical fields, and churches.

Here at Abe Brown Ministries, from our Board of Trustees to our dedicated volunteers, we respect and honor all, regardless of race, creed, social status, sexual orientation, or gender. Just as Christ came that all might have life, our Ministries serves and sees each for who they are and who they aspire to become.

In recognition of Women’s History Month, this issue of our newsletter celebrates the successes of some of the formerly incarcerated women in our inspHire comprehensive reentry program. Imprisonment is not the final chapter of their life’s story.

Please take a moment to read and learn more about our transformative work and the unique impact it has in the communities in which we live, work, and play.

With Respect and In Humility,

Robert P. Blount, III

President and CEO, Abe Brown Ministries, Inc.

Director, inspHire Comprehensive Reentry Services

ABM Presents: Ministry Highlights!

Althea Gibson, was the first African American to win a grand slam title in the French Open 1956, and also the  first African American Woman to play in the LPGA, 1963.

According to Black Enterprise, “not only is she one of the few African American women billionaires, she’s also the first African American woman to be owner or partner in three major professional sports franchises–the NHL, NBA, and WNBA.” In 2013 Mrs. Johnson also became the first Black female member of the United States Golf Association executive committee, and is the current CEO of Salamander Hospitality, which includes the Innisbrook Resort located in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Ann Gregory, became the first Black golfer to play the 18-hole city-owned course in Gary, Ind. known as the “big course” by locals in 1947. In 1956, she became the first Black woman golfer to play in a U.S. Women’s Open and, two months later, a U.S. Women’s Amateur.

12th Annual Abe Brown Legacy Golf Tournament

The 12th Annual Abe Brown Legacy Golf Tournament will commence Monday, June 3rd at the famous Copperhead Course, Innisbrook Resort + Spa in Palm Harbor, Florida. Hosted by 2x Superbowl Champion + ESPN Analyst Booger McFarland. Become a Team Sponsor today and register your foursome!

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Did you know that Hillsborough County is an epicenter of the incarceration epidemic in Florida. More than 1,800 local citizens return from prison to Hillsborough County Florida annually. One of the most pressing and primary need of individuals returning to Hillsborough County after incarceration is healthy, safe, and affordable housing.

According to the Urban Institute, formerly incarcerated persons experience high rates of residential instability which can result in periods of homelessness. In its guide on the Social Determinants of Health Series, the American Hospital Association states that individuals experiencing housing instability have limited access to preventive care and are more likely to have infectious diseases and chronic health conditions.

These are all reasons that Abe Brown Ministries operates a 12-month Transitional Living Program that provides returning citizens with managed housing, case management, and direct linkages to reentry services. In fact, we are well underway building of sixth home with a floorplan that will provide residents dignity and more privacy.

Abe Brown Ministries is contracted with Corsa Construction to build the Ministries’ sixth transitional living home. The home will have four “Master Bedrooms” and common areas of the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. The home will consist of 4 master bedrooms with bathrooms, a kitchen, and common dining and living areas.

You can help get this project across the finish line! Our mission is to break cycles of incarceration. One way that we accomplish this is by providing healthy, safe, and affordable housing for those returning to the community after incarceration, coupled with effective comprehensive reentry services that improve the health-equity and well-being of its clients. We welcome your support by making a donation today that will not only help to fund construction, but also to fund household furnishings.

On behalf of the men and women whom we serve, I extend sincere thanks to you.

Humbly Submitted,



Robert P. Blount, III

President, Abe Brown Ministries, Inc.

Director, inspHire

Prison Crusaders celebrate Black History!

Prison Crusades attended a special service in February. These photos were taken by Chaplain Beckette at Marion C.I. during the institutions Black History Month Program; 161 men were in attendance.

Our Food for Life Pantry is still serving the community with a total of 311 families served so far in 2024.


Our CEO Robert Blount as well as members of our intake team and ministry staff Jacob Glove and David Hill represented ABM during a criminology class at USF.

inspHire program manager Allie Markham (pictured below), responsible for coordinating the event, shared how Robert spoke about the history of Abe Brown Ministries, while Jacob and David shared their lived incarceration experiences, the challenges of reentry, and the importance of people being released having support systems and a safe place to land.

Throughout the month of March, USF Criminology majors will join Abe Brown Ministries each Wednesday for a shadowing session that includes an overview of ministry programs, and time spent in each of the inspHire reentry program departments.

Client Success: inspHire clients complete professional development courses

Our year-long inspHire comprehensive reentry service program contains a 6-week professional development (PD) course that equips clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully reenter the workforce. Clients attend classes 4 days a week and receive additional support that includes resume development, mock interviews, and more. Upon completion of the course, our PD instructors celebrate clients with a certificate of completion. So far in 2024, 17 inspHire clients have completed their professional development courses. Congratulations to them!

MEET THE ABMILY! We've added a few new members to our ABM Family and wanted to take the time to introduce and reintroduce a few members of our team! We hope you have as much fun watching, as we had fun making this video!