Abe Brown Ministries facilitates volunteer outreach (crusades) that offer spiritual renewal and life-building motivation to men and women inside correctional institutions throughout the state of Florida.

Through prayer, faith, and belief, the COVID-19 restrictions for visiting and ministering to those incarcerated have been lifted.  We are now able to participate in the Prison Crusade Ministry in the incarceration facilities throughout Florida.  Please contact us at for more information on how to volunteer.

This group is made up of ministers, praise and worship leaders, counselors, and formerly incarcerated persons. Crusades are held bi-weekly on Saturdays and are carried out much like a traditional church service, with music, presentation of the Gospel and an Invitation to Christ. This is not only a concerted effort to win souls, but also to establish relationships with incarcerated persons in order to connect with them after their release. Follow-up is made through written communication to those who would like to engage with us.

Florida Department of Corrections Chaplaincy Services, at the respective institution, facilitates on-going discipleship.