Jacob currently serves as Intake & Pre-Release Specialist. Having spent multiple years as a Navy Submariner stateside and abroad, Jacob knows firsthand what it means to be of service. His vast experience as a hair stylist, personal chef for the Navy’s top brass, and mental health technician brought him face-to-face with a multitude of people of varying ethnicities and backgrounds. Jacob found himself at a crossroads in his life when he was arrested and sent to prison for 7 years; for many this would be seen as the ultimate defeat. However, for Jacob, this would change the trajectory of his life.

Immediately upon his release from prison, Jacob realized his calling to social work and enrolled into college. While working as a mental health technician, he earned his Associates Degree. He then went on to complete and receive his Bachelor of Social Work Degree at the University of South Florida.

Jacob recalls a profound moment in his life when on March 28, 2009, while serving time at Hardee Correctional Work Camp, Abe Brown Ministries visited the institution. Reverend Abe Brown, Coach Tony Dungy, and Robert P. Blount, III delivered a message of hope and encouragement to the inmates in attendance. The memory of that day continues to fuel Jacob’s passion and commitment to helping formerly incarcerated men and women. For anyone left with a gaping hole in their life after incarceration, Jacob’s goal is to inspire them to continuously fill it with good.

Team Information

 Intake & Pre-Release Specialist, Reentry+
 Phone: 813.247.3285, ext. 220
 Email: jacob.glover@abebrown.org